Author: Kevin McElyea, PE

Kenwood Cove (A Municipal Water Park) – How it was funded, even during slow economic times

Municipal swimming pools have evolved over time Meeting the expectations of today’s savvy citizens when it comes to new or renovated aquatic facilities is much different than it was in the old days. People now expect their indoor or outdoor aquatic centers to have modern features and amenities. Cities should be very careful when planning new facilities to make sure the new expectations of residents are met. This does not necessarily mean that you need extravagant budgets for new facilities, it just means that you need to be wise in how your facility is planned and designed. Through creative...

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Belton Aquatic Park – A Wonderful Municipal Water Park built on a Strict Budget

As an aquatic engineer who has been designing facilities for many years, one of the more frequent questions I get from owners of indoor pools is “what can we do to get rid of nasty chlorine odors that our customers complain about?” Before I even look at their pool situation, I have a very good idea of the problems they face. Whenever you have a indoor pool, which inherently has a confined air space surrounding the pool, that utilizes a chlorine based water treatment system, and you add people to the water who tend to sweat and produce other...

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